Help me! What is offensive holding and why did the the reffs never call it last night?

I fully admit that over years of watching football, I’m pretty ignorrant to the nuance of play calling. Don’t even get me started on BB… But seriously, I would love to hear from smarter game strategists as to why USC’s QB had time for coffee in the pocket when in other games our D- have been swimming in?

“Offensive holding is usually called in men’s league, and occurs when an offensive lineman holds a rusher . This doesn’t mean that “holding on to” the shirt is a holding penalty – in order to be a penalty, the rusher has to be outside of the offensive’s frame, or otherwise won an angle to the quarterback.”

It seemed at times the guys were well past laterality and even getting theyre jerseys dragged from being (like when we got towed by a bike on a skate-board as kids).
Would love to see Hans Olsen dicuss the complete lack of visual accuity on the reffs last night.
I also hate blaming reffs for the game, and try to assume were all human, but really, was the fix in last night? Because our QB got the ■■■■ beat outa him and it seemed when USC could get to him, they were trying to maime him. Tough Tough Kid; but he’s a farmer and a wrestler, so he’s kind of a different breed.

Please opine. Don’t hessitated to ennumerate how overly sensitive and homerish I am.

Speaking of farmers this is a popular medical humorist who nails the rural medicine motif:

USC did a big reshuffle of their OL after the Notre Dame game and benched one starter. When it’s 5 OL vs 4 DL the odds are the QB will get decent protection. (What Willaims didn’t get was wide open run lanes, a lesson we learned by watching what Notre Dame did.)

Scalley hesitated bringing pressure beyond the front four because when we did - Barton coming on a blitz - Williams immediately went to the vacated space, with success.

And it turned out our back 7 were solid enough in coverage to make Williams hesitate in pulling the trigger. The incumbent Heisman winner had 256 yards, while our new weapon picked up 217 by himself.


Officials had a light hand (which I prefer) last night on both teams. Some of the Trojan fans are questioning a few non-calls on Utah too. CONSISTENCY is what I hope to see from the men in stripes and we had that last night. They let the players decide the game on the field.


One thing that was noticeable was Riley getting on the refs, getting out of sorts, then when USC wasn’t able to race ahead, you could see his (general) frustration transferred to the players.

Whit will ride the refs, but the Xs and Os are on Scalley & Lud, and everyone on the team sticks with the gameplan, the mindset they’ve been absorbing all week.


AS per Webster’s:



: A state of being wherupon a otherwise untenable stuation is mitigated and surmounted by fortitude, mutuality and fierce dedication to duty.

| A recent example has been the Univeristy of Utah, Utes Football Team.


Riley’s late subs and us slow playing it brought the boo-birds. I thought it was brilliant chess and laughed. Cost Riley at least one timeout - i guess Caleb can’t read the defense in 5 seconds.


Over the last couple decades the refs have let offensive holding go whereby it is now out of control. A long time ago O linemen used to have to block with their forearms, elbows out. Now, at the snap of the ball the offensive and defensive line immediately lockup up with their hands on each others chests and/or shoulders. Holding could be called seemingly on every play. My wife, who has watched just a moderate amount of games over the years last night kept commenting out loud, holding holding holding. My answer was and is, unfortunately this is now what they have let it get to. To reel it in they need to implement the offensive line blocking restoration act.


Kind of like traveling for BB - particularly marque players.
Interesting to mote that an abdolute fundimental in grappling of any kind is “inside” positioning. A 260lb guy with established inside positioning is a game-ender for the undisciplined.