Hello, old frens

I’m hoping my sentence has been served, but we’ll see.

If there was ever a year to win in the Mausoleum this would be it as we’re a mess. Helton (aka 129) should have been fired two years ago, but better late than never. So who is your QB now that Charlie Brewer left.

My condolences on your loss. What a senseless tragedy.


Hoping our kids can pull it together and play a good game. A win in the Mausoleum might help get them right for the rest of the season.

Helton’s tenure had achieved dumpster fire this season. Y’all have some mad talent that catches fire for success. Consistency…not so much. It was what got you run by the Tree and the Barkrats. Saturday should be a good watch.

For the record, I understand the whole “ghost” thing pretty well. I quit my job due to burnout and health issues at the end of June, but I still keep getting calls for stuff. The ghost of Greg is starting to think someone owes him some coin.

Anyway, I am glad you are back. Have fun going to the game…or a bar for the game…or a non Huntington South Beach for a party watching the game…or maybe a Dodger Game watching the game on your phone.


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Welcome back!

Rising is back to QB duties. Hopefully this time around he can finish the game against SC. And even more hopefully, the Utes can win. I’m looking forward to a good game. Unlike a lot of folks, I am not ready to write off the Utes just yet.

But, then, I’m never ready to write off the Utes. Ever. Sickness, health, richer, poorer, etc.

Go Utes!

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This is our year!
#1. I’ll be in attendance at Lori Loughlin Memorial Coliseum. That has to mean something!
#2. USC is distracted. They lost a beloved person who played the part of coach, they already have two Pac-12 losses at home, and everyone in LA is distracted by the dodgers impending wild card loss, the Chargers, the Rams, and that pink wall that everyone instagrams.
#3. The Utes have a few things distracting them as well, but Kyle cut his hair!
#4. Vegas has us as a three point underdog! 3 points! Easy cover. We score that many points every half!
#5. Their all-world dbs will be neutralized by the fact that we never throw to our wideouts! Joke is on you, USC dbs!
#6. We will have to triple team Drake London. That is not an advantage for us, it is just a fact.
#7. The Utes have not resembled a real life football team that can hang with a team as talented as USC on the road. That means we can again play our birthright of scrappy underdog with a chip on its shoulder. Can’t lose!
#8. OJ Simpson


Diss us on O.J. all you want, that’s OK, but please leave Aunt Becky & Olivia Jade alone.

All you have to do to win is stop, or at least slow down, Drake London. Stanford and Oregon State seemed to manage. Our offense is considered “Air Raid” because we can’t run the ball, so what other choice is there?

And, NO, UM was NEVER coming here even before his latest despite what delusional Trojan alumni/fans think or want. They don’t do the hiring.

Sad KW cut his hair.



Police blotter smack is weak sauce. There are better whacks than rocking on the warrants.

The question is whether the U$C O-line can actually run block. Fun and gun offenses can be an entertaining track meet; but if you can’t run the ball to keep a defense honest things devolve quickly. Your defense, though very talented, is really thin in its depth. If Utah can slow the game down on offense and actually score touchdowns in the Red Zone, it can make the Trojan Offense one dimensional. It will give Clark Phillips a chance to ring up some more interceptions.

It should be a fun watch, at a good time for a game. Looking forward to kickoff.


Is Lori Loughlin “police blotter smack?” We (I) can’t even make fun of USC for taking money from a “handler” for a rich actress (respect for RAD, not full house) and giving her daughter a rowing scholarship, despite the fact that she is 91 pounds and has fabulous eyelashes?

Can USC at least use the money quote from Mr Loughlin, for which he paid handsomely: “Get my daughter into a school other than ASU!” ???