Heart’s cover of “Stairway to Heaven”

I’m sure many of you have already seen this, but I ran across it again tonight on an airplane flight. It is a beautiful cover of one of the greatest rock songs of all time. (And — ahem! — from my era!) What makes it especially fun to watch is that Robert Plant himself is in the audience, because this is a tribute to him and Led Zeppelin at the Lincoln Center. (Oops, I mean the Kennedy Center.)

That was cool. Thx for sharing.

I agree
I’ve seen and shared this same video many many times. It’s a remarkable performance. Superlative singing. Exquisite
rhythm and performance with heartfelt soul.
Dig it.

no one sings rock like Ann Wilson… considering she’s like 70 years old now, and they STILL keep putting out albums.

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Ann Wilson has one helleva voice. And…I’m fortunate enough to have seen the real deal on their '73 tour. Opened with the version of Rock and Roll that I’ve posted before and did an other-worldly Stairway- so good. Page was clear-eyed and on fire, and at the end, the lights all dimmed and there was a lit halo around Plant’s head. I’m sorry, but you can have today’s Tyler, the Creator and the rest of that noise.

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That performance never gets old. Simply amazing. So cool to see Bonzo’s son, Jason, on drums. Bonzo’s band mates clearly enjoyed the performance.

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Yeah, there is a split-second shot in the beginning, when Jason looks up at the boys, nods to them and you can see Robert Plant eyes well up.

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Ahem, this is the Kennedy Center Honors, at the Kennedy Center…donchaknow…still cool, my bride saw them perform this on a Women that Rock Grammys Cruise…

I knew that! I was just testing everyone to see how closely they were paying attention. So congratulations! You won the prize! :lying_face:

Anyway, Lincoln and Kennedy were both presidents, and the Kennedy Center is almost adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial. Cut me a little slack, OK? :wink:

Well, OK this time…:slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: