Hearing a rumor that Guidry is going to declare for the pros

That’s another big hit to the D for next year, but far be it from me to fault a kid for making a choice as to what’s in his best interests over what a college football fan wants.

It was posted to the Trib, he is declaring for the draft.

After the Bowl Game and NOT seeing him Mocked in the Top 100 I am confused. Does his family need money? Because another season back and putting together a solid senior season (erasing that Texas game from scouts memories) could get him in the late 1st. Last year that Spot paid a CB $10,525,716. If he falls to the 4th round this season best case in 2019 money he’s paid $3,290,860. I’ve seen him more realistically slotted 5th. Which is a Million less. Say becomes back and only improves to a late 2nd. That’s double the money he will most likely make.

Maybe I am missing it on why he needs to jump. Too many guys listen to the wrong people

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I doubt that his family needs the money. His mother is a practicing M.D.

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80% of our defensive starters are gone.

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Guidry needed next season to develop some better cover skills. Given the revelations the NFL is going to be looking to fill a bunch of DB’s across the league next season, he wants to be one of those guys.

I hate to draw the comparison, but Silver Sileaga’s jump is the only comparison I can draw from. He was a great DL who eventually had success in the NFL, but he never made the draft money because he left early. The truth is Silver had a tough road to hoe getting to playing on Sunday. Maybe Guidry won’t have it as hard, but I doubt it.

Too many players leave early. It’s rare the entry works out.

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