He was the best to do it. RIP Vin Scully

Enough LA people on here. This one hurts. Losing Chick, Dick Enberg and now Vin. The voices of my childhood are gone.

I listened to VS and jerry Doggett on my transisitor Zenith radio on KFI every night after the sun went down. The voice of my childhood too.


I’ve long thought the beauty of vIn Scully calling a game was perfectly illustrated in the 6th game of the 1986 WS - the Buckner error game. Why do I think it was so good? Because after he said, “Knight will score, and the Mets win!” he was silent for many minutes. He knew when to let the scene speak for itself.

RIP to the best baseball announcer ever.


To me, this was the greatest call.

The craziest fact about Scully… He started in 1950 and retired in 2016 – 67 seasons. In 1950 he called a game managed by the great Connie Mack who was born in 1862.

Edit: I wasn’t born yet but this one was special as well.


Listened to him call games in Orem on the “Radio skip” at nights. The atmospheric conditions allowed us to get the signal with a really sensitive AM radio. When GE came out with their “Super Radio,” we could even get the games during the day. It was, and will always be Vin.



For me too. :baseball:


It would have been wild to hear Scully call a Dodgers game… in the Coliseum.

In last night’s game there were so many VS stories, he made everything seem so smooth and easy. People learning English would listen to Dodgers games - he was that good.


Such an instantly recognizable voice and among the greatest announcers of all time.