Haute Cuisine - Utah Style

There are funeral potatoes, fry sauce, and green jello with carrots…now Utah gives us…

I have never been to one of these shady soda dispenseries, but what would be the best additive to have in a flask if I ever go?

Just drink vodka straight.


If you want to pay $3.00 for a soda with creamer in it, while waiting in line for 30 minutes go for it. Or do the same thing at your favorite convenience store for ~$1. Just add coffee creamer to your dr pepper.


Isn’t this the point where someone posts that gif of Jim Carrey dry heaving from “Dumb and Dumber”?


I just found out that Grinders 13 has closed for good after 30 years in Utah. I assume it is all locations, I stopped by the 2200 west location and saw the sign.

The owner was a great guy originally from New Jersey. He was so much fun to talk to.

They were my favorite place for a good Cheese Stake. .


That’s a shame! I just realized that the location on 16th South State is closed (probably some time ago).

For the record, I started going to the So State location sometime in the mid 70’s, so although ownership probably changed over the years, they’ve been around for more than 30 years.

The meatball sandwich was always my favorite.

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There is a sandwich shop at the State Street location. But it’s now called Gaetanos. I believe they have a very similar menu as Grinders.

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That’s good news, I’ll trying it, Thanks!

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Cheese stake

Is that what you use to kill a cow that has become a vampire?


Never been much of a fan for cheesesteak sandwiches, or really any sub sandwich.

Now grilled tuna on rye, with tomato soup…yummy.

Just take a 10lb bag of sugar. Attach a funnel to your mouth and start pouring the sugar into it. You’re welcome.

Cheesesteaks can be pretty hit or miss. I started making them at home and I’ve got to say they are pretty incredible. I’ve told my son I would give him $50 if he finds a better one in a restaurant and so far he hasn’t cashed in on my challenge.

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I make a “pepper steak” sandwich using Colosimo Sausage that is pretty tasty. It went over well at the tailgate, too.

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Little phone, big thumbs.