Has BYU Changed the HC Recently?

There has been some conversations and media coverage over the past 6 months suggesting that “BYU softened their HC and historic stances on several controversial topics in order to meet requirements of joining the Big XII”.

Kudos to them if that is truly the case but I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the atmosphere down south that loves to throw stones from their glass houses on the hills. I’m fairly familiar with former BYU players who were run out of Provo for Honor Code violations unique to BYU such as alcohol consumption and recreational drug use. According to a few recently transferred BYU players, several current Cougars failed drug tests during the 2021 season. Reportedly, star players like Puka were not punished, while lessor graded players were forced to leave school via the transfer portal. I’m not throwing stones as I couldn’t care less what 20 year old kids do these days and I don’t believe any of those youthful choices violate any NCAA rules and certainly would not be unique to BYU. But in my lifetime I have never known BYU’s Honor Code to be so discerning and flexible. Must be an adjustment for the Big XII?

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Oh joy. Let’s start a rumor without any facts.


I’m sure if this were even remotely true this would be the first time that has every happened at BYU I’m sure. /s


What a stupid comment.

Why is that a stupid comment? Get real.

Everybody on planet earth knows that athletes at BYU, particularly star athletes are treated differently than the rest of the student body. Honestly, probably true for most every school.

Go listen to Hans Olsen talk about how Lavell Edwards helped him out and ‘handled it’ when he had honor code violations that would’ve got him kicked out of school otherwise.

I honestly can’t even believe you are disputing that notion. And honestly, good for Lavell to have the wisdom to take a kid making some mistakes in his life and helping him straighten them out.


Maybe a little more palatable for our cougar friends, while still being real and truthful.

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Yup, this notion is true nearly EVERYWHERE. Top salespeople, irreplaceable engineer, CEOs, etc.

Happens at the U too.

What is silly is denying it happens. As for the original poster’s question - yeah, kinda dumb, but let’s take off our blinders for just a minute here BYU fans. It’s cute you think otherwise.


FWIW, and I don’t expect anyone to believe this, but whatever.

When my house was being built 30+ years ago, one of the guys working on it had played for byu. He said that McMahon could do anything he wanted. And he added that he had been called up before the HC committee (or whatever it’s called) no less than 10 times and nothing ever happened to him. Just told “don’t do it again”.


The last time I checked, Stan Watts wasn’t the AD anymore, and the unholy agreement between the the University HC Enforcement Department and the Athletic Department hadn’t gone back into place. In this new social media world, the BYU of the 1980’s doesn’t happen anymore.

To quote @Wingnut ‘What a stupid comment’. :wink: Of COURSE that didn’t happen.


I heard the similar previously, but it was just “heard.” I had no way to confirm it. But I do recall hearing that McMahon could, and did, get away with many things.

I get a kick out of players pushing the boundaries on the “grooming” part of the HC. Kids with curly hair grow it really high… as long as it’s off the ears. A few kids are growing beards… presumably some medical exception.

The laughable airbrushing of Raphael Araujo’s tattoos for the BB yearbook has given way to numerous players… well… looking like basketball players do.

It’s kind of amusing.

But the more amusing part would be the reaction from many Y fans that anything has changed, at all.

Of course not! You’re accusing of us of lowering our values!

…until their highschooler comes home with a fake tattoo like one of the players has, which would prompt a family emergency, and a call to the Board of Trustees, or whatever.


I do believe there was loosening of language about same-gender couple PDA or identifying with a label but it seems it was mostly semantics as some felt duped by coming out and then still potentially facing issues. But this is just from a few Deseret News articles I read and I can’t speak too confidently about details. Between LGBTQ+ policies and sexual assault investigations, that’s where things seem to be addressed or altered.

Hey, let’s be fair - I used boxes from the liquor store when I moved. I’m sure that is what is going on here.


Preying on the Gentiles, not Praying for the Gentiles.

Shame, Rocker!

(Liquor boxes are pretty good, grant you that.)

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Need to clarify. The guy who was called before the HC was the guy who told me the story. He said that McMahon was never called before the HC.

Like I said, I don’t expect some folks to believe it, because it goes against their preconceived views.


Really none of it matters. As @chrisrenrut notes, most everywhere the preferred tend to get preferential treatment. I just find it amusing the lurking cougs felt a need to say otherwise.

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I am reminded of a scene in the movie MASH.

General Hammond: (on the phone) “Colonel Blake, I have some reports here from a Major Houlihan that I find hard to believe”

Blake: “Oh, well don’t believe them then”. And then hangs up the phone.