Has anyone else had issues purchasing from the UTAH NIL Store?

My 7 year old son is a huge Utah Football and Basketball fan. His favorite players for each sport are Ja’Quinden Jackson and Brandon Carlson. When I saw the UTAH NIL store come out with some gear that they say directly helps these student athletes I thought my son would love getting some shirts with these players names/numbers on them. The only problem is that this store is run by Campus Ink and they can’t seem to figure out the difference between Ben Carlson and Brandon Carlson. You would think that after I informed them that they sent me the wrong hoodie the first time, they’d make sure to send the correct one when they sent a replacement. Nope! I’ve received 2 Ben Carlson hoodies so far and am waiting for them to send another replacement. 3rd time’s the charm? I guess we’ll see.

Life is difficult.