Happy to be back

Hi, all. I have spent much time on this site years ago. I am so pleased to be back and to see how amazing the board has become. Go, Utes.

Welcome back!

Welcome back
As well, I was thinking just recently about posting thoughts about this board. I lurked forever and finally joined, because I have enjoyed the level of humor, intellect, caring, political viewpoints and of course devotion to Ute Athletics and the University of Utah for so long.
I think this board is unique and really quite an amazing reflection of the quality of people (scallywags) whom have participated.

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Did you just fly in from Cleveland? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Welcome back. I’m a recent returner, as well.

After leaving UFN’s previous incarnation because of drama, I went to the other Utes place. I’m also glad to be back as the other place is now too much drama for me.

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Who’da thought UFN would be the less drama?


Drama??? Maybe an expensive cabinet full of drams . :wink: