Happy Thanksgiving 2021

I’m hoping everyone has a great holiday, and that on Friday we have yet another win to celebrate. I’m also hoping to be grateful soon for some good outcomes on Saturday that help our Utes.

For now, however I think it’s good to have a chance to express what we’re grateful for. I will start with American grocery stores. They are something most of us, including me most of the time, take for granted.

Now and then I walk into a grocery store, in a hurry to purchase whatever I need and get back to whatever I was doing before, and I stop and marvel at what surrounds me. My grandmother was born in 1880 (I’m the youngest child of her youngest child) and even she never experiences what we can every day. Fresh milk, of several varieties, from nonfat whole milk, or maybe chocolate milk, to various types of cream. All kinds of vegetables that people in my grandmother’s era might have seen a few times a year if they were lucky. Oranges were not available daily, for example. Neither were bananas. Fresh meat. Over-the-counter medicines. And the list goes on.

So I’m grateful for the Utes and for grocery stores. Not to mention the opportunity to hang out here with other people who have the same obsession with Utah sports that I do. Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! :turkey: