Happy T-Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone on UteFans.
To the old guard, those who have left us, the long time lurkers, the heroes and the goats among us.
May you have a relaxing day of warmth and cheer with family, friends as well as reflection for a remarkably challenging year.
Let’s all continue to make our nation and the planet just a little bit better.
United we stand.

Throughout the years I’ve been a participant here UFN has often been a respite for hard times and a community for fun times. It is why it is worth preserving and it is why I hope it lasts for many more years. Particularly during this pandemic I’m grateful for community of all kinds.


Everyone enjoy your day. It may not be the one we wanted, but it’s still a great day. Missing the visit from the in laws for dinner. They are Skyping in for some family time.

Make it a great day all