Halley’s Comet and A 100 Year Ban From Cougarboard

Time flies. I remember seeing Halley’s Comet and thinking wow, I can’t fathom seeing it again, 76 years is such a long time. Well, it’s less than 40 years away already and seems like I should be making plans for a nice spot to observe it.

Likewise with my 100 year ban from the Cougarboard. When I received the ban I remember being shocked at the amount of time…seemed worse than a permanent ban. But I’m already down to just 82 years on the ban. Doesn’t seem that long ago, it’s starting to feel like I could post there again and I should start authoring a great post upon returning.

Anyone else down to less than 85 years left on their 100 year ban from the Cougarboard? What are you planning to post once your time is up?

I guess you could exclaim how wonderful the latest return of Halley’s Comet was.

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