Great win tonight but

All of our best to a staple of the Guardsman tailgate lot, Mike Templin. They’re just north of us. Had a medical emergency. Thanks to UU police, SLC Fire. Last we heard he was at the ER, stable.

Cops and the fire guys are always welcome at our tailgate but we want to feed them, now make them work. Be safe, Mike & all of our best to his wife Diane.


Dear Shasta, I would dearly love to attend a tailgate… ANY tailgate… I ahvent been to one since we had the pirate SHip! And of course 3 year sin a nursing home plus 2.5 years shut in due to health and pandemic. and I’m screaming for that experience… Given that I ahve ot use the crutches to get around on foot (you wouldnt want me driving with double neuropathy in feet) I cant really bring stuff myself, but I’d be glad to bring $$ to help defer costs for someone else.

PLease le tme know if I could attend your group just to have some contact outside my Apt bldg, and church. Yes I talk to people at the stadium, but I dont know them form adam and they kep changing from game to game.

15-20 year UFN vet
(I cant even remember how long ago I found it now!)

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