Great win against our rival today. Now let's take care of this exhibition game

Go, UTES!! Beat the kitties!

So far it looks like this game might might go down to the wire. I am actually having fun laughing at the play-by-play guys.

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Why would a grad transfer leave the Big 10 for the WCC and dreams of the NIT? Do you think he asks himself this every day?

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Do you think number 4’s haircut complies with BYU standards? I’m a little surprised.

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BYU has never hidden the fact that athletes get a different set of rules.

Looks like we’ll need another big comeback. This BYU team is thoroughly unimpressive, and they are taking it to us. I’ve thought for a long time that this would be Larry’s last season with us. I still think so.


How much is left on his contract?

It’s too bad we couldn’t hang on to Lohner. He looks good.


I am going to have to turn off the television. It’s just too much to watch this game with these characters doing the play-by-play.


I’m still watching. We need to shoot more 3’s and rebound like crazy, we are outmatched.

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I actually don’t mind Fowler, but McCann is awful.

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Today is the first time I’ve paid attention to how he plays. I was told I was wrong for leaving him off the list of seven players I believed should be in the rotation.

Really I think we are down to one effective player, Alfonso Plummer. What am I missing?

Very pathetic showing by Larry

That was a very clear flagrant 1.

Our lack of bulk is really hurting us.

The referee’s pregame playlist:

We will never go to the tourney again with Larry.

I’m sorry, I stepped away when it was an 8-point deficit and I just came back to see it’s a rout. My fault. If I’d stayed on they might have had a chance.

This is what we look like after supposedly our best recruiting year ever.

So…my impression is that based on Larry’s record he is a good man, highly ethical, and an above average coach. Not a bad combination at all. But we won’t win the PAC-12 or make regular trips to the Dance unless we have an excellent coach. Am I right? Or am I being unfair to Larry?

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I think it will take a miraculously excellent coach at this point. We’ve been down for a very long time. The likeliest outcome with our new coach will be a rinse and repeat. But you have to try.

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I’ve been saying for a long time, that I would give Larry until the end of this season. And I will.

But, I don’t think anything is going to change.

This will almost certainly be my last year with game tickets. I’ve been attending games for so long I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with what others are saying here. I don’t see Larry changing and I’m afraid I don’t see Utah making a hire at this point that will be a dramatic improvement.

Debbie downer signing off :frowning:

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