Great Utah coach

Hey, I’m a Duck forever but I have to say: Way to go. Rose Bowl. You will LOVE it. Not just the game. But everything around it—parade, tailgating on the golf course, sunshine. I live nearby. It is magic and don’t miss it.

Here is biggest thing to me: Your coach is class of Pac 12 and maybe of all football. Ten years ago or so an Oregon tight end named Pharoah Brown suffered a horrible leg injury in end zone in Salt Lake City. He was put in hospital and team flew home without him.

Guess what opposing coach visited him in the hospital the next few days.

You have gem. KW is class wrapped in humility wrapped in a big ball of sweat. Go Utes!

Great post. Thanks for being gracious, and for being a sports fan, not a fanatic. :slight_smile:

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Thanks coming over and sharing in our joy. Best of luck in your guys’ bowl game!


I remember that injury… that was crazy and sobering. Thanks for stopping by and stick around we like other fans around here. Oregon has been the class of the PAC-12 for a loooong time now.


Welcome to UF.N. As @RockerUte said, we like other teams’ fans coming here and chatting. We like to get outside views of other programs and our own.

Coach Whit is a great person, not just coach. More of the country got to see that this season, especially just after Aaron Lowe was killed. In a quick postgame interview last night with Holly Rowe, we got to see more of Whit’s humanity. He truly does love his teams.

Keep coming to UF.N. You’re more than welcome to chat.