Great progress, if a bit late IMO

IMO this is definitely several decades too late. Although it may be a function of lack of opportunity for many in So. Africa, a political debate for another day. No I don’t want to get into it. I see the same issue with the lack of many Asians, especially from eastern Asia.

Dlamini to make history as first Black South African to compete at the Tour de France | Cyclingnews

I just picked up the book ‘The World’s Fastest Man’ about Major Taylor, who was an African-American that was dominating bike races around 1900. At that time bike races were very popular in the US.

I’m surprised his story hasn’t been made into a movie yet.

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It really should be. Major Taylor was an amazing athlete, but had so much grace given the time period. He would be a great role model for all kids, not just blacks. FWIW L36ION Racing out of LA uses Major Taylor as a selling point to get kids involved in the LA area. There’s another Jr club that I see once in awhile that reps Major Taylor too, but can’t recall their name.

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