Great deal at Smiths!

If only they had printed the final score on it, then I might have bought it!

I didn’t go to the Alamo Bowl, but I went to the Holiday and the P12 Championship games and bought gear at all of them. Needless to say I haven’t worn it much…

There was some reason I didn’t buy anything at the Holiday Bowl. It might have ultimately been because we got owned by NW.

I might still have my blackout “Wounded Warrior Project” Under Armor shirt from the 2010 TCU game. I went to Fanzz at the Gateway and probably dropped at the very least 45 bucks on it. I only wore it that one day. It’s very possible that I unceremoniously threw it out.

Funny thing about that game- I was dating a very attractive woman that I worked with and she was blown away that I could get tickets to that game. It made me look REALLY good- for a time. I remember being down 30-0 and this guy in front of us yelled “I’m going fishing!” And stormed out. A few other people had very loud outbursts. They genuinely scared her. If I recall correctly this was her official introduction to football. That game against the Horned Frogs closely paralleled my relationship with her, although I think in the end I got ass kicked more than the Utes did that day.

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