Good on Caleb Williams

this is a good reminder that all of us have attributes/characteristics (some good, some bad) that were all trying to work through

That’s a high class move. Good on Caleb.

Everyone gets wound up about a big game, but when the TV cameras are being loaded in the truck, reality comes back.

I’ll be cheering for Williams on Sundays because of this story, plus he seems like a pretty good kid.


I am sure he is a good kid, but the nails thing before the CCG was pretty knucklehead. Giving a defense reasons to get extra stoked to get after you…not good. What happened was a good learning experience and I’m sure he won’t make the same mistake twice.


To be fair. Whenever I played another team I had zero love for them between the lines. It’s competition.


No need for love, disrespect is a different animal. Max Hall level karma will get you in the end.

Things have changed since I played.


I do put a lot on the coaching staff. I can’t imagine Kyle allowing that. The best way to say “FU” is to win. As to winning, I believe it’s always best to be humble and respectful to one’s opponent. After all, they must be within the same caliber of skills etc… in whatever match one is participating in. Why say “FU” at all? Why not say “Welcome, worthy a opponent!”
I am blessed to to participate in the grappling community. It’s astounding how quickly someone can harm, maim or kill someone; without appearing to have the ability or inclination. The better fighters are remarkably polite and humble. Extending grace is never a deficit.
He has amazing athletic skills with more to learn in leadership.


I get it but it’s still a games and kids will be kids. I like that they have fun. Karma does catch you and we all enjoy our plate of schadenfreude.

Again, I get that POV but in the grand scheme of things he’s far from the fun antics of “The U” (ducking Ute bottles being thrown) of the 1980s.

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Yes, but that’s behavior from scallywag’s in the crowd of a cattle-town. Not the leader of a premier football team representing an elite university.
Embrace the opportunity to be there and act accordingly.

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Fair enough.

Kinda tacky how he didn’t shout out all the Southern Cal Heisman winners.



My takeaway from last night is the University of Deliverance at Hooterville has half the number of Heismans as the University of Southern California. We had to construct a building to display ours while yours fit in the root shed.


Yeah. Your school has 7* to Alabama’s 4. Almost the difference of 16 to 9, (yeah I am not counting the ancient titles many Alabama fans try to claim) Alabama to Southern Cal’s National titles.

Btw, how many times have y’all made the playoffs and have you been relevant for a National title recently? When was your last conference title. Lol

This exchange validates the value of UF.N


Utah is a long way from the WAC days or even the MWC days. We’re still ascending.

On the other hand, former U of U Liberty Bowl MVP / Emeritus Professor / University VP Dr. Ron Coleman told me a few weeks back about his efforts to recruit OJ Simpson to the U back in the day - which almost worked. (“Simpson said he had to get some clothes and he headed to the bus station, and went to LA”).

Life is crazy. Sometimes things work out OK.

(Another thing Coleman told me I had no idea about - former Utes & NFL stars Marv Fleming and Roy Jefferson are cousins.)

Also, we’re happy to have you two goofs on our board.


The fun part is this guy forgets I am from LA with a father from Alabama (my fam help start Alabama, Alabama State and Yale on that side). Most of my cousins (Mom’s side) are with UCLA or SC grads. Lol

The star is for Chunky (a former prof of mine who I liked.)