Good memories

Though I haven’t posted (or even logged in) in I don’t remember how long now, I watched highlights of the Utes dismantling Oregon in 2015 on youtube again tonight and felt the urge to post the link, so here it is:

I don’t give a ■■■■ how commie the U is now or how commie this site is now or how commie the country is now, that there was a fun day. I do wish all those things were not communist though, because communism is a slave system. And slavery is the worst kind of mental and social disorder. Have a nice day, to the few who might see this before the comrades delete it and ban me again.

Da. Welcome back, Comrade.


It’s been roughly 10 months since you last posted, if you care.

I’m going to go with any Utah win is a good Utah win. That said there are some Utah wins that are better than others, or to use an Animal Farm reference, more equal than others. :slight_smile: See what I did there?

Some of those more equal wins are: the above mentioned Utah win over Oregon, the Sugar Bowl win over Alabama, the 34-31 wins over BYU.

While I agree with your political desires, the mods have done a great job keeping politics out of the main UF.N site. IF you want politics you have to go to the sub area for politics and religion. For that I’m grateful. I don’t come here to read politics, I come to get sports and entertainment, I get the politics elsewhere, I don’t need it here.


Ute fan base is very diverse with people from different belief systems and political alliances. Let’s please all just talk about what we have in common which is supporting the Utes. And as noted, there are sub-sections (that I never visit) for those that need a place for philosophical discussions.


Agreed … I turned off politics and it’s great!!!


I need some football…and tailgating…and a laugh.


These highlights just remind me of what a warrior Travis Wilson was. He was injured 2 weeks before this game and didn’t even play the week before. You can see his left shoulder was still hurting after each play with him holding it awkwardly by his side. I remember he had a long run in the game were you could see he was just bracing for impact trying to protect his shoulder. He may not have been the best quarterback to come through, but he gave it everything he had each week.


Uhhhhhh, not happening. :wink:

This was probably the most out-of-nowhere Ute game in my lifetime, considering the margin and that it was on the road against what had been such a dominant team. Who could have guessed Utah would win at Oregon by 42? Incredible. Turns out the 2015 Oregon team wasn’t great, but still …

What are other Ute games that were huge surprises, in a good way? A few other ideas:

31-17 over Alabama, 2009 Sugar Bowl
41-28 over USC, 2018 (the margin and dominance, not that Utah won; was 41-21 late in the fourth)
57-28 over BYU in 1988
31-28 over Wiconsin in 1987 (Wisconsin was not good back then, but this was a road win over a Big 10 team at a point when Utah was awful)
69-14 over Wyoming, 1983 (this was at a time when Utah struggled with the Cowboys)
68-27 over Iowa St., 2010 (again, the margin and point total, not that Utah won)


Blockquote What are other Ute games that were huge surprises, in a good way? A few other ideas:

2007 against then #11 UCLA, winning 44-6. Tommy Grady, Darrell Mack, and Robert Johnson’s amazing defensive play.

Followed by the opposite type of surprise showing against UNLV the following week.

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Oh yeah, great one! That was s weird season. Lots of injuries.

I loved watching Jim Harbaugh soil his chinos when we beat Michigan (both times).


Both of the Michigan games were amazing. Great memories of well coached football teams. I actually liked beating them at the Big House more.

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All great examples of unexpected wins (particularly the 2008 Alabama game), but my personal favorite, was the 2005 Utah/BYU game, at RES South, in which previously little used backup QB Brett Ratliff started in place of season ending injured Brian Johnson, and surprised everyone in attendance, me and my BYU graduate Brother-In-Law, included. Me, especially!

That game is still high on my personal list of favorite Utah/BYU matchups.

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I was there, with many of my Commie friends. :laughing:


That was an awesome game. I have a lot of fond memories of Ratliff.


Remember this? I loved watching Kaelin. I know that he is known for the drop against Oregon but honestly, he had an awesome career at Utah and should be remembered as one of the best (if not the best) return men Utah has ever seen. He was just unreal.