Good job Braves

Beat all the despicable teams. Well, all but one, but they didn’t have to play them


It’s a good day to see the ‘Stros get rolled up on and lose. The only thing that would be better would have been seeing them get swept.

Season over…time to start rooting for the Freeway Series again. :wink:


This will show what type of animal I am. I followed the elections all evening instead of watching the Braves thrash the cheaters. That said, I’m very glad the Braves won. They had an extremely rough season, only to get it all together for a playoff run and a WS ring.

So, I’ll 2nd this, Good Job Braves!!!


Spent much of the summer watching the Dodgers and Giants battling for top spot not only in the West but the entire National League while keeping an eye on Milwaukee and figured the Brewers would handle whoever came out of the East. But Atlanta came on strong at the end of the season and won it all.