Wonderful news. Such generous support

too bad we couldn’t have kept the U golf course


Yes! It really is a shame the golf course is gone. I grew up in the Avenues and my wife grew up in Federal Heights.

We both learned to play golf there when we were in high school in the 70’s, from Vinnie McGuire (UTAH GOLF JUST WONT'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT VINNIE MCGUIRE, TEACHER - Deseret News).

A few years later, I worked briefly in the motion picture distribution business with a bunch of old film industry guys, who played golf constantly. They often spoke of the old Fort Douglas Country Club course, which by then had been cut down to the nine hole University course. Decades earlier as an 18 hole course, it had been their favorite course in the state. I was told there was a PGA event played there at one time (never been able to find any record of this - but I would not doubt it.).

My son learned to play golf there in the 90’s, and while it was smaller and short, and perhaps then only 8 holes, it was still close to home and easy to walk on most of the time.

It was a great old course!

EDIT - turns out it was a regular PGA tour stop for a while - U. OF UTAH COURSE HAS ENDURED CHANGES<BR> - Deseret News

Further EDIT: including some historical photos - these are 81 years ago, so it does look quite different.

I remember a particularly brutal chemistry exam and walking out and my study buddy said “Let’s go play nine holes”
I think it was $5 with club rental. Fun!