Game Watch - Utah vs UCLA, Saturday afternoon, 1:00 PM Fiddler's Elbow

Hey everyone, it’s time to get the game watch group back together for some away games this fall, starting with this Saturday’s UCLA game. I have a table reserved for Utefans, at Fidler’s Elbow, 1:00 PM, game starts at 1:30 PM

Fidler’s Elbow, if you’ve not been there before, is in Sugarhouse, has long been a Utah FB and BB away game hang out, has great beer, cocktails, sodas, etc. and excellent bar food.

We had a lot of fun at several games last fall and this UCLA matchup will be a good game to get out and watch with others.

Come and join - meet a few of your favorite posters, and put a face with some internet handles.

(If you know you’ll be attending, please reply to this post or board mail @salUTE so that I can reserve more space should we need it.)

Hope to see you there.

Wont be able to make it, but I’m happy to have met you all last year.
Have fun! Curb stimp Uckla.

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Nice to have met you as well! We’ll do others, perhaps next time.

I should be there.

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As @TwoUtes daughter is getting married Saturday, and the reception starts just after the last whistle, I can’t make it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe next time.

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I will be there!

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Just go the official approval of my orthopaedist to leave the house for a few hours tomorrow, for the first time in weeks! So, I’ll be there, with bells on! (Meds are so low now that I’m probably permitted to have a beer as well :slight_smile: ).

Bumping the thread as a reminder to all there’s still room at the table - See you all tomorrow at 1:00 PM for a great Utah/UCLA game.

I’m hoping for a repeat of last year’s Stanford game actually.

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