Game time and channel change

The University of Utah (0-0) will take on the Arizona Wildcats (0-0) to kick off the 2020 season on Saturday, Nov. 7 inside Rice-Eccles Stadium. The game is set for a 1:30 p.m. MT kick on ESPN2. Search #GOUTES and #UBOYZ on social media for conversation about Utah Football this season.

If we ever have to change our name, I used to be for the Moose or Cutthroat. Now? I want to be called:


Nah, we go full 90s and call ourselves the raptors.


Worst team name decision since the wizards.

Red Rocks if anything.

My dude, the state has a damn dinosaur named after it. We’re going full dinosaur.


It’s embarrassing that the suggestion even exists. I’m gonna flag that post.

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Gymnastics team’s already the Red Rocks. Too many associations with the amphitheater in Colorado…

How about Utah surly old curmudgeons?!



This is THE ONLY CHOICE. I really have no idea where anyone else gets the idea that Utah Raptors isn’t absolutely PERFECT.


I agree with Sancho, raptors is a terrible name.

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Easily one of the worst names in the NBA (can’t say worst because of the Wizards). They named their team because of a popular movie that is now 20 years old.

Which is the best mascot NAME (besides the Utes). I would submit the Isotopes.

It’s still Red Rocks. Isotopes is great for the Simpsons though.

In the one Simpsons episode, the Springfield Isotopes were destined to move to that city before Homer caught onto it and did his protest. Ironically Albuquerque’s baseball team is now called the Isotopes.


They actually were named after that Simpson’s episode in a ‘name-the-team’ contest it won by a landslide. Red Rocks is just okay - fine for the gymnastics team, not suitable for the entire university.

As the kids say, “don’t @ me”.

Maybe, but so far, it’s the frontrunner. No one has come up with anything better. Moose, Trout, Pioneers, Raptors, etc.

Make your list of criteria (coolness, originality, mascot potential, local ties, etc), and Red Rocks will beat all the other contenders.

You guys who hate my name are missing out on the comedy and pure vitriol it would create.

Football fan: Who are you guys playing this weekend?

BYU Fan: The football team of Utah.

Football fan: Huh? I thought you guys were in Utah.

BYU: We are, but we are playing THE football team. We are the other team in Utah that plays football. And not as well.

It would be fantastic.

Sure, if those are the criteria, the raptors - since there is an actual Utahraptor.

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Make the criteria, and I’ll run the numbers. I feel confidant.