Game Thoughts

Great game last night. WSU came in as the #1 passing team in the country, that didn’t happen last night. The AirRaid fizzled in the drizzle.


Huntley: I’ll admit it, I’ve been critical of Huntley at times. Huntley, in my opinion, had one of his most complete games as a Ute last night. He threw with confidence, ran the offense with poise and seemed less frantic. He ran when he needed to, extended plays and showed off his athleticism. The biggest difference this year is the touch on his throws. No more lasers from 5 feet away. He also seemed less frenzied, he was able to read his progressions and make the right throw or take off and run when needed. Great game!

WR: Where have you been? Thompson, Enis, Nacua, even the transfer TE. WOW, what a difference a passing game makes. Obviously not a perfect game but nice to see some throw game coming through.

RB: I love that they are getting multiple guys involved. Frankly, even after Moss returns they should do that. Save the wear and tear a bit and keep the guys fresh. Great to see DHC play and play well. No single dominate RB but a great overall performance.

O-Line: Played better, not great but better. 2 or 3 sacks given, Huntley was pressured at times but gave enough time to Huntley for him to make the read and throw. UW will be the next big test, hopefully they are up to the task. Nice improvement over last week. Granted the USC D-line is ferocious but overall an improvement.

DBs: I’d say it is a combination of they took the loss to USC personal and Scalley finally realized what other teams who play against the AirRaid have, put 8 in coverage and you can at least contain the offense. 2 picks - could have been more. No huge plays, kept a prolific passing offense to lowest output of the season. Great recovery after a terrible game.

Rest of the D: LB play has only been improving. Bernard is really stepping up. D-Line was getting pressure with 3 man rush. “Brandon Anae” continues to rush with determination and overall the D really showed up to play. Great recovery after last week.

Scalley: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not being stubborn and changing up the D to account for the AirRaid. Nice game!

Ludwig: I gotta say, I’m really digging what he is doing. He mixes it up, gives different looks, is being aggressive and his style really seems to fit with the team. Even last week, other than the HUGE red zone deficiencies the offense was moving the ball. Red zone is about minimizing mistakes and execution. Last week that was off, not this week.

Whitt: Got the team up and ready to play after a tough loss. Now that the team is the “under dog” again, hopefully they keep winning!


I’d say the biggest difference with Huntley is his ability to keep his eyes downfield when breaking out of the pocket. That, and his decision making when it comes to sliding and knowing when to take a loss. He’s been fantastic all season, and only seems to be improving. Most consistent QB since Brian Johnson, and possibly even Alex Smith (not putting him on Smith’s level, just saying he may be more balanced than BJ).


I’m reading people wringing their hands that Whittingham said he might be one of the best QBs in the nation right now. I agree there is some hyperbole there, but really if Huntley is to get a shot in the NFL he need to get some recognition and exposure and I suspect that might be part of Whittingham’s reason for saying so. Plus, like it or not, elite players get help and protection from the refs.

If you have a player who can remain focused despite those kind of platitudes - and all indications right now are that Huntley is that guy - why not start up the PR machine?

I watch a lot of college football, and there are few QBs who have played better than Huntley in the past two weeks. So I don’t think it’s hyperbole. He’s certainly playing better than anyone else in the conference right now.

I agree that Huntley had a great game last night (and has played well all year). However… it must be recognized that WSU’s defense isn’t particularly… good.

They gave up 67 to UCLA last week, which is not a good offense. In 4 quarters. No overtime. Yes, yes, every game is different and WSU was likely looking ahead to their game against the Utes, so there is that.

All I am saying is it’s good to keep it real.

That said, Huntley made some absolutely fantastic plays and played the role of Senior leader very well last night. The dish to Brumfield to pick up a 1st on 4th down and subsequent scramble for a TD being a couple.

Here’s to more great play for the rest of the season!

That is the Utah mediocrity complex at its best (worst).

agreed, WSU’s D was not amazing but he certainly hasn’t played well many times during his career against weaker defensive teams. Overall it was a complete performance.

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