Game night! Utes vs UCLA

5 PM mountain time on FS1.

We gonna get cooked.

UCLA is pretty good from what I’ve seen. I’d love to come away with a split this road trip

It was a lot more fun than the BYU game.

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Sure about that now? Had a shot. I don’t know what Pelle was thinking on that last play.

He was forcing the called play. He didn’t know how to recognize that it was busted.

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A moment of panic.

It took Carlson 10-15 games last season to hit his stride. We need him to get there faster this year.

Utah played UCLA in Los Angeles last night. I actually forgot to watch the game. By the look of this thread, not many people have much to say about the game or paid much attention. I know there are other reasons why this is the case, but I think it is a commentary on the state of the program (with a dash of Covid exhaustion thrown in).

Well, hindsight being 2020 (badumtss), now I’m not.

I know in my home we’re finding it hard to get too excited about any of it. For both football and basketball it’s felt like nothing but exhibitions and just not that important in the big scheme of things. It will be interesting to see if this kind of sports blah carries on into the future, because I’d expect that could have a big effect on attendance, the money generated, and structures of leagues and TV networks if it does.

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Utah basketball is simply not fun to watch because it is a fundamentally flawed and inferior product.

That’s a nice way of saying Utah is horribly coached and it is apparent. Time to make a change.

Last nights game was fun to watch. Plummer started off going 4-4 from outside. UCLA came back and took a 9 point lead at halftime. We came back and the lead bounced back and forth until the very end.

It’s a fun team. We are soft inside, and we have no post game, but it’s not a horrible team. None of Larry’s teams have been horrible. They just haven’t been good enough.

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His first team was horrible, but I am not sure that should count.

Watching the end of game play, which was both laughable and puzzling, is just another in a long series of plays just like that. I think Larry gets decent athletes which makes us not horrible, but he isn’t a good coach. We’ll maintain mediocrity with him.

He’s a good, not great coach who has always had good, not great, players (a few obvious exceptions). Good doesn’t get a team into the tournament out of the pac-12, though.