Game day picks = locker room fuel

I’m good with us being dissed today. Let Em all pick against is. Our brand as underdog had always served is well. Go in hungry, angry, and mean!

Go Utes! (And 21 Pilots?)

I was at the store this morning, decked in my Utah D&F sweatshirt. Some random dude asked me about how we’ll do against Oregon tonite. Glad to see that there is interest here in Ea. NC also, even if it’s a small group of us fans, alumni, and curious folks out there.

Far cry from when we first moved here, and local sports radio was crapping on us getting in to the PAC12. The whole how can an upstart compete, they don’t deserve that honor… etc. Nevermind that our program had beaten UNC, thrashed Pitt just a few years earlier in the Fiesta Bowl, even more recently made Alabama look silly in the Sugar Bowl.

Yeah, throw our program the disrespect. It seems to thrive on that status.

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