Future Schedules

Utah has Byu and Baylor on the 2024 schedule for next season. Those will become conference games. That opens up two weeks games need to be scheduled, one in 2025, two in 2026 and 2027 (Byu, UH), and one in 2028 and 2030. Who do you want to see Utah schedule?
I think Fresno, SDSU, or San Jose St are a must for CA. Florida St, Miami, or USF for Florida recruiting. I say try and get Texas or Texas aTm on the schedule. Texas aTm did a home and home in 2003 and 2004, and Texas had a 2 for 1 with Utah, but Urban got that cancelled when he was hired.
Who would you like to see on Utah’s schedule?

I think we should get Washington St or Oregon St, or even Cal or Stanford.

From the SEC, maybe Mississippi St or Ole Miss

From the ACC just about any school.

B1G??? I don’t know. Maybe Illinois or Iowa

Basically, anyone who would be willing to do a home and home. No one and dones unless it’s at our place. Go ahead, call me arrogant.


Oh Gawd. Nobody should voluntarily engage people from Mississippi. Because of Utah’s talent level Utah should def be looking more at LSU or Auburn if not Alabama or Georgia. If you really want a great home and home for both football and hoops schedule the Cats. Lexington is actually a great football destination. Moreso if you can get an October game. Play them during Keeneland.

EDIT: With Alabama, LSU and UK you could really get Hoops, Football and Gymnastics. All four schools are good or have a history of being good at those sports.


The odds of getting a home and home with those two…what number is closest to zero?

If we had a home and home with Bama they wouldn’t be able to schedule 8 home games.


A game against them would be money!


It’s called an “infinitesimal”.

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Alabama really isn’t that committed to 8 home games due to neutral sit games in the past. There are some spots opening on Alabama though:

2023 (all Locked)
09/02 - Middle Tennessee
09/09 - Texas
09/16 - at USF
11/18 - Chattanooga

2024 (They are looking to replace that OU game)
08/31 - WKU
09/07 - USF
09/14 - at Wisconsin
11/16 - Mercer
TBA - at Oklahoma (SEC game)

2025 (May have to replace the FSU game if expansion happens)
08/30 - at Florida State
09/06 - ULM
09/13 - Wisconsin
11/22 - Eastern Illinois

2026 (May have to replace the FSU game if expansion happens. Also, see they schedule H&H with BXII)
09/05 - at West Virginia
09/12 - USF
09/19 - Florida State

09/04 - West Virginia
09/18 - at Ohio State

2028 (Another Big XII Home and Home)
09/09 - Ohio State
09/16 - UT Martin
09/23 - at Oklahoma State

09/01 - at Notre Dame
09/15 - Oklahoma State

08/31 - at Georgia Tech
09/14 - Notre Dame

08/30 - Georgia Tech
09/13 - at Boston College

2032 (Another Big XII Home and Home)
09/04 - Arizona
09/18 - at Minnesota


Nah, Alabama has always been out front about wanting to play tough Home and Homes unless they schedule Neutral site games and I think that era is over. The fans and city prefer tougher non-conf games.

UK def needs to beef up non-conf: Future Kentucky Football Schedules | FBSchedules.com

I forgot about 2031 & 2032 is a home and home with LSU: Future Utah Football Schedules | FBSchedules.com

Georgia needs a Big XII non-conf opponent: Future Georgia Football Schedules | FBSchedules.com

Alabama has some very impressive opponents in mid/late November.


Looking forward to LSU and Wisconsin in the future (already scheduled, hopefully holds).

There are quite a few teams with this issue. I think we still go with an ABC type of schedule. I would like to see scheduling the ‘leftover 4’ for the ‘A’ games. Home and home is still fair. I still want to go up and visit the Palouse if Utah plays Wazzu up there again. I don’t see a need to schedule additional Florida games that often. We’ve had decent recruiting success there without them (but maybe that was more Erikson or other coaches that had ties). For B, I think the SDSU/San Jose St./Fresno St. are good options (CA) as well as Utah St., maybe UNLV, Boise St., UNM (hate em, but regional is good). Hopefully these don’t have to be home and homes - maybe 2:1? For C, that’s getting the early season tune-up with SUU, Utah Tech, Weber St. These are home games and we pay them.

Teams like Texas had Georgia and some other future SEC matchups that will become conference games. So there will be shuffle in future scheduling, but we gotta get on next year pretty quickly.

I would love to go back to Madison to watch the Utes play.

I think last time we played back there the Utes won. Was it Mac’s first year? I can’t remember now.

Well, we usually play in the second week of January. It’s why we pull some of California’s best talent:

Also, in November we play LSU, UK and Auburn with our one cupcake. I get people like to focus on the cupcake.

Honestly, the layup non-conference schedule is adding Cal, Stanford, OSU and WSU.

I wish I had thought of that.

These games may not absolutely have to be rescheduled. Colorado played an “out of conference” game against Cal the season the Buffs joined the P12 because it was already scheduled and it counted as an OOC game. I think it would depend on whether or not either of those games were going to be on the Utes’ B12 schedule. If not they could probably be kept as OOC games.

I assume Utah and BYU will be placed in the same division so that OOC date would definitely have to be replaced, but Baylor might not be in Utah’s division.

I was just agreeing and pivoting from the prophylactic man’s comment. Lol

I’m glad someone on this board is doing the right thing and sticking up for Alabama.


It does need defending. We’ve had a rough go of it the last couple years. Not all of us can be fans of back to back conference champs.


All his realignment is making my brain hurt. It’s like the TV networks built the WOPR and we are all playing Global Thermonuclear War. Who is going to trigger the Tic Tac Toe game to reset this impending mess?


I’m just waiting for Barry Corbin to say “Mr. McKittrick, you’re WOPR sucks!”