Fun news for Ute football about Cam Rising

Saw this piece on ESPN this morning. I’m happy for Cam. Hopefully it pans out.

Seems that he’s an outsider for the Heisman. Guess last season, and especially the Rose Bowl put the spot light on him. Not sure it means much in the long run, but it’s a cool bit that he’s even considered this early in the cycle.


I just went back and flipped through this article. The comments on Tier 17 are interesting. Harsh, but funny and true.

Tier 17: They’ve seen some things (six players, five jobs)

Liberty’s Charlie Brewer and Jonathan Bennett
Charlotte’s Chris Reynolds
MemphisSeth Henigan
Army’s Tyhier Tyler
Tulsa’s Davis Brin

Brewer was Baylor’s 2020 starter, and the Bears finished 2-7. He transferred, and Baylor went 12-2 in 2021. Brewer landed at Utah, where he opened the season as the starter, going 1-2. Then he left the program, and the Utes won nine of their next 10, won the Pac-12 and played in the Rose Bowl. Now the only question is, what new horrors he might bring with him to Liberty?


He’ll bring a me first attitude and blame his line if he doesn’t do well. Maybe he’ll get a nice USFL contract.

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Brewer is “St. Jake” and will end up nowhere in the pros…I hope he has his degree and a plan for after football.

Then again, maybe his “after football” is a reset from player to coach. It wouldn’t be the first time a former QB moved to the sidelines to coach.

Now to Rising…

The accolades are great, but they can be a distraction. Luckily he seems to do a good job of handling those.