Fubo vs Sling

The only reason I’ve stuck with Dish for so long is its DVR. It’s easy to select your “favorite teams” and it just records anything vaguely related. Now I find out that both FuboTV and Sling TV have online DVRs for about half of what I’m paying for Dish. They both have the PAC-12 channels if you buy the right packages. I’m not sure about all the other channels where football and basketball games can show up now, let alone in the future.

It looks like FuboTV is more expensive, but gives many more channels and hours more DVR space. Sling TV is cheaper, but is it missing channels that I’ll need for upcoming BB/FB broadcasts? The DVR space is also quite small.

What experiences have you all had trying to watch/record the Utes? Which is the best option? Or is there something else out there that’s better than either???


I’ve not used FUBU. I thought about it, mostly for access to cycling events, but the cost made it unworthwhile for the time being. We use Sling, and really only for football season, once the season is done, we’ll disconnect Sling and go back to GCN or something else for cycling events.

Sling has been easy to use, occasionally we’ll DVR something. For the most part it’s just like any other TV provider. So much is dependent on your internet access. The issues that we’ve had have been due to our ISP (the joys of living in mostly rural NC).

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I chose Sling for the P12 Network. The basic package gives you a DVR of 50 hrs. You can upgrade to 200 hrs of DVR capability for $5 a month more. That’s not a crazy amount of storage but is more than what I use.

I’ve used Fubo the last two seasons, after using Sling for the 2 seasons previous.
Both have Pac12, but Fubo has local channels and the Jazz.
By the time you loaded Sling with both Orange and Blue, it’s equivalent to Fubu with the sports package - maybe even $5 a month more if I remember correctly.
I’m sticking with Fubo.


Cool, I just signed up for the free trial of FuboTV. Now the horrible task of trying to get someone on the phone to cancel Dish!

I’ve been with Sling for a few years now, but am about to give Fubo a try. About the same price for what I have, but with CBSSN and the Jazz station soon.

For my wife, Fubo doesn’t have Lifetime networks, but do have all the Hallmark channels.

Just got off the phone with Dish, and after 19 years and 4 months, the deed is done. I love when they tell you that they could take $40 off your bill for 12 months, I can’t help but think: Why didn’t you do that 12 months ago???

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with the FuboTV app on my Vizio TV and the interface is much cleaner and more responsive than the Dish abomination. Looking forward to using it!


I love FuboTV, large dvr, can follow/record teams, good for casting to home system and more. The app is easy to use as well

Now take it down, spray some silicone on it, and ride it down the hill Griswald style. :wink:

I did the trial and really liked it too. My main concern is no Turner channels. No CNN and the four channels that carry March Madness.