Fresno State @ Utah

Who’s brilliant idea was to tip this one off on a Tuesday night at 5:00pm MST? My bad, but I didn’t even really look at the tip time assuming it was normal, and I just got back into town this afternoon from a funeral in South Dakota, so I’m not there. Not only that, I didn’t even get my tickets given away. sigh

So that’s off my chest, but the start of this one soon will be on it. Utes down 6 with 8 to play in the first half. They are playing hard, but shooting woes continue. A point a minute pace won’t win you many games.

Could be worse, ECU had a noon tip off today. Don’t recall who they played, but it was a noon tipoff.

You’re right. That’s a lot worse.

Utah’s at least picked it up a bit. One point game with 11:40 left.

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Ugly win, but Utah by 5! 8-4 by Christmas isn’t too bad considering how this team got cobbled together. We won’t run amok in the conference by any means, but we might have some breakthrough wins to stir up the pot after we can get Carlson back.


Lot of work to do to get ready for conference play to begin in earnest.

There must have been at least 500 people who joined me to watch in person, felt like a private party.

Smith continues with interesting management of minutes/players. Lazar starting in place of Gach & Brenchley first off the bench. And it worked as both played well.

Dusan in sweats & no knee brace—so help might be on the way for conference games.


Watching some of our players the last few weeks, notably Thioune and Brenchley, the last few weeks gives me the impression that Coach Smith is going to be good at developing players. Those 2 were at the back of the bench the last few seasons, but are starting to show a lot of promise and contributing nicely.

I too noticed Mahorcic is now free of the brace so hopefully he’ll be back (along with Carlson) soon.

Thinking last night was the sort of game that Maji would have loved. A hard fought low scoring defensive struggle where we prevailed in the end. (Would be displeased with losing the rebound battle of course).


if you would have told me Both Gach would have 0 points and Branden Carlson would still be out, I would have thought we’d get handled pretty easily. Smith and staff do seem to have the ability to coach players up. I love that about this staff already. We clearly aren’t at the level of Arizona, UCLA or USC in conference. But I don’t see why we can’t be in the mix for 4th to 7th place and finish .500 in league and exceeding my expectations.