Format Changes

Today, the appearance of the site is different. The font for most text is a light gray on white. It’s tought to read on a monitor, and nearly impossible on a phone. I’m looking around for personal settings I can adjut, but haven’t found anything yet.

Changing to Dark mode makes it much more readable. Light or Neutral mode seem to be the problem.

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I’m not seeing that - is it happening to anyone else? (For the record, nothing has been changed).

I played around in Preferences/Interface, and changed from Dark to Light. Now the text is black instead of gray.

Probably user error on my part somehow.

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Whenever it is something that is likely my fault with this site I usually blame user error. :wink:

@Daedalus is probably right, it was probably a font color cached from dark mode.

Same problem here

I’m seeing it as well when using the “Light” or “Neutral” themes.

If you guys switch to dark and then back to the other themes does it fix it? What browsers are you using?

Just tried switching from Dark back to Netural and it didn’t make a difference. It was still grey text on white background, which was unreadable.

Im using Safari on my iPhone.

I’m using Safari on an iPhone, Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop, and Safari on a Mac. No problems for me on any of them using any theme, or after theme changes.

Did you guys having the problem, recently update anything?

A long needless explanation but I’m suspecting something that might take a day to prove. The site has the dark mode functionality as you know and somehow the light mode was selected as the template to switch to. I just noticed that this morning and fixed it, but I’m wondering if between caching issues and that, that is what is wrong and I suspect that after it cycles it will be fixed. So tomorrow will provide answers for my hypothesis.

The other thing to consider trying is logging out and back in and see if that fixes it.

I’m using Safari.

Changing Dark on the main menu didn’t work for me.

Go into Preferences/Interface, and changed from Dark to Light. Now the text is black instead of gray.

What I’ve seen is the U is now in a scrip like the W for Wisconsin. The UFN logo is in the same script. It is light, not dark.

One more observation. I fixed it on my laptop using the steps above, and it also fixed my phone. So it seems to be an account related setting possibly?

That is our new logo. There are some really cool things coming down the pipeline that everyone here should be stoked about. It hasn’t been my hard work though, so I’m going to let the person responsible reveal it. But stay tuned.

As for the text color issue I’d follow @chrisrenrut suggestion and see if that helps. I’ll dig in further to see what’s up.