Ford at Center? Who is LT?

Did Umana not start?

I see LT is Moala, RT is Kump.

RG is Sataoa Laumea, FR from San Diego.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a LT tackle play as poorly as Moala played tonight. I don’t know why he was at LT, but it was a mistake.

I think they moved Ford back into Center (where he can be the captain of the OL) because he got smoked vs USC’s athletic DE.

Simi Moala struggled with #58, who looks like an NFL talent. Not sure why they didn’t chip him more.

We’ll see who gels at OL. I wonder how much Covid has hit the group.

Hopefully 3 more games left.

Just… get… better…

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Anyone know what happened to Johnny Maea? He started a game or two last year. Just curious as a So. why he is not getting time…