FOr those who pay attention to European Futbol/Soccer - huge news

Apparently there’s a very real possibility of relegation, criminal indictments, and even possible forfeiture of past titles.

THere is now a growing loud chorus of people around the country saying"We told you so"… Many many ppl ( including me) knew they couldnt have the monolithic dominance they did for a decade while playing fairly.

I’m hi-jacking this thread for the Argentina/Croatia match. Gooooooooooo Croatia!


I’m hijacking it back for the European Soccer business.

My 32 years faithful support is being rewarded at last -

At this point, as of today, both teams from Milano are 18 points back… THAT IS SIX FULL GAMES. And of course the nefarious corrupt-as-f*** Juventus way down in middle of table. Frankly there’s a huge feeling among al the fanbase that arent Juventinos that should have been auto-relegated at end of season.

Napoli also making major waves in UCL - almost assured round of8 after stifling Eintracht in their own stadium, where they hadnt lost in a good while.

Be prepared to hear me blather on and on about this… I mean 32 years of suffering after Diego left. and 4 times runner up since 2013 >.<


I’m also keeping a close eye on the goings on with Manchester City in the EPL.

Pep doesn’t seem horribly concerned about things though.

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Italy has had a few incidents like this over the years. Man City if found guilty would be quite remarkable given they’ve dominated the EPL for a long period.

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