For those that care. The Busy Bee has not reopened

And based on the lack of activity I’m guessing it won’t be soon if ever That’s all I know about that. Carry on

That’s one of those local institutions that I never checked out, but always intended to try one of their famous garlic burgers.

They were good, but the family just couldn’t work together.

The inside was a dump, especially back before the smoking ban. Pretty sure their ceiling was the blackest I’d ever seen…and it was painted white.


I remember getting the occasional lunch there when I worked at the County. The inside was a total dive, but the burger and garlic fries were good.

It certainly explains why I haven’t needed to negotiate people crossing the street there anymore when dropping off materials at the County.

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I had lunch there one time after driving by many times. There was zero reason to ever go back after that. The place was a dump and the food was very meh.

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That’s a shame - I thought they’d pull it together…

On another note, I see that the Bar-X owner, Ty Burrell, has purchased the Cotton Bottom property, and appears to have big plans to renovate, expand, and reopen. On the one hand, I’m really happy to see that it will continue in business long into the future, on the other hand, I’ve not been to the Bar X or any other of Burrell’s properties while he’s owned them (although I plan to this weekend) so I’m not certain of what to expect. As long as the Garlic burgers are the same, I’ll be happy.