Football Game Tickets

Upcoming season and there’s always some tickets that are needed or someone wants to sell.

I am coming into town right after my birthday for the USC game (Oct 15). Still trying to decide who in my family wants to go to the game (and who it’s worth it for). Def at least 2 (one son went with me to the PAC12 championship).

  • Advice on best way to get tickets? 3rd party right now are atrocious. Hopefully USC drops a game to temper expectations, but also would love 2 undefeated teams to be facing off.
  • Wait for the day before or of (could be a hot ticket but people will want to offload)?
  • Anyone know they can’t go (hunting season, out of town, stupid cousin wedding)?

Guessing the best would be to wait and just see what happens. If it’s a night game and cooler, perhaps some won’t be able to go and will have tickets available.