Football game parking

I’m new here and going to my first game tonight. Are there free parking lots on campus for the game and if so, which ones? TIA.

There are no free parking areas on campus at Utah for games. Here’s the map that shows where the pay lots are.

Utah Football On-campus Parking

My advice would be to consider cheaper alternatives nearby, like at East High, which are just a short walk. Possibly even better, would be to choose a Trax stop, say 13th South/Ballpark or 21st South/Central Pointe, park for free there, and take Trax’s Red Line train up to the stadium. Trax is free when you have a game ticket.


Park at a UTA TRAX stop and ride TRAX to the stadium. Your parking is free at the UTA TRAX lots and the train ride is free - just show them your game ticket if asked.