Fook fubo!

Thank God the Utes game on Fox came through our new fubo account but now, trying to watch UCLA vs Oregon its saying our TV’s are non compatible because it’s a 4K broadcast. How is it that the same Tv’s last week no longer are compatible.
I am going to go to the website but what a strange world. We live an die by technology.

Yeah - in this case, it’s on good old fashion broadcast television on channel 13 in Salt Lake. And as I have yet to give up my rooftop antennae, it’s just there. I’m only have to pay for the privilege of viewing it by way the age old social contract with broadcast TV, that return, I agree to be subjected to commercials.

It’s funny how you still have to watch those things when you’re paying for the content to come into your home. :slight_smile:

EDIT: to ask @RockerUte - didn’t we used to have a pissing and moaning category :slight_smile:

It may be time to bring it back.