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Would making Navajo fry bread the “Iron Chef Secret Ingredient” in multiple meals in a week be a problem?

Asking for a friend

The short answer is no. Although your “friend” may become bored with the ingredient.

You may want to suggest the use naan bread in place of the fry bread to break up the extended use of the fry bread. Just a suggestion for your friend.

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Not a problem. I think your friend has found a secret to happiness :wink:. Plus almost every civilization has a flat bread - tortilla, pita, naan, injira, etc. But fried? Then even closer to a donut or funnel cake but cam be savory or sweet…

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Tonight I am making bean with bacon soup and cornbread. Normally I do ham hock soup, but as I don’t have a bone to boil (or ham to add), I get by using bacon.

The recipe for the soup…
1 lb. of bacon
6 oz. of carrots
1 onion
2 Tbspn. minced garlic
1 stick of butter
4 12 oz. cans of great northern beans
Apple cider vinegar

  1. Cut the uncooked bacon to make 1” bits and cook until the bacon is extra crispy.
  2. Chop the onion. I use a chopper tool to do this so I can get it right. Depending on how you like your onion, you can carmelize it by throwing it in and cooking it with the bacon, or just wait to add it when you add the garlic, beans, carrots and butter.
  3. Peel and chop the carrots. Again, I use the chopper tool to chop the carrots. If you hate peeling carrots, use the peeled baby carrots you can buy at the store.
  4. once the bacon is cooked to extra crispy, add the other ingredients and cook on med-low for 3 hours, stirring the pot every half hour to avoid scorching for the best results. If the soup seems too thick, add a little water to make it thinner.

As every box of corn meal ever sold has the recipe right on the box, just follow the directions.

My wife and kids like this as a soup, and do up their cornbread as a treat/dessert. I have always put my cornbread slice in the bowl and poured soup over it.

The vinegar gives the soup a sour bite. I find a lot of people, once they try it, like it. On the “How Southern are you” vein, the Northerners like it with just a touch of vinegar, Southerners like the soup with their vinegar. @BamaFanNKY :wink::wink:

This is what happens when soup weather arrives.


I need a sample to make an informed decision. What time is dinner? :slight_smile:

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Funny you mention this. I have a group text with some of my friends Where the say Brown Guys +BamafanNKY (They use my real name). They swear I am more Latino due to my raising in a more Chicano community in LA. They eat more Southern than I and I eat everything their Abuela serves up at the family functions they invite me to.

That being said, I’d need a bottle of hot sauce.

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So you go New Orleans style. :wink:

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My wife impulse bought some trout so we baked it with lemon, dill, shallot, and garlic butter. Couscous and chard from the garden on the side. And it’s only Thursday!