Food idea

Ok, so I’ve had an idea that’s been more or less half formed in my head for some time now. Smoked ribs, beef or pork, doesn’t matter with a cherry bourbon glaze. Now that I think about it more, really any animal based protein except fish.

Now for the ribs to be true Q (IMO) the sauce/glaze can’t be the focal point, it’s to highlight the meat.

Now my sticking point isn’t the menu. My problem lies with the glaze creation. Do I use fresh cherries (or frozen if they can be located), or cherry juice?

The ingredients so far (no measurements because this is still a concept):

  • Bourbon
  • Light brown sugar
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Tomato paste
  • Cherries/juice
  • S&P to taste

I think I’m leaning to a combo of fresh and juice.

Feel free to comment with suggestions or ideas.

I would do real cherries and then pass it through a sieve.

I would guess something like: sautee 1/2 diced onion (yellow?) in olive oil until translucent. Add 2 minced garlic cloves and 1T tomato paste until fragrent - 30s to a minute. Add 1/2 c. bourbon, 1/2 c brown sugar, and 2 cups pitted cherries (although maybe you don’t need to if you strain). Simmer on low for an hour until cherries and onion are falling apart (add water if too thick). Pass through a sieve and salt and pepper to taste.

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That needs a bit of habanero. It will work well with the cherries.

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Found some frozen cherries, all the fresh are gone now. I also found some organic black cherry juice. I’ll use both to, hopefully make a more intense cherry flavor.

The basic sauce/glaze was the easy part to create in my mind. It was what to do with cherries/juice. I’ve created similar sauces when I cooked professionally. I just had to finally formalize the half formed idea. I think I’ll add a little chili powder too, just to create a hint of heat. @sancho had a good idea with the habanero. For Mrc CCU and me that’d work, but most folks we know would balk at it for being too hot. If you’ve ever had chocolate and chilies, it’s that type of idea. I’ve done that in the past for brownies, and I liked it a lot.

Recently, for a family visit, I made a maple blueberry syrup to go with pancakes and waffles. It would work for an ice cream topper too. This was a super simple creation that was a big hit.

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