Florida fall camp news

As expected, Graham Mertz was named starting QB after the first scrimmage. No shocker here, but the news I get about him is encouraging. He might not be a total disaster after all. Servicable.

One of the things that was encouraging for Florida was more depth on the defensive line, and so what happens? A projected starter tears his acl in a non contact injury.

Boone tears acl

That hurts the team a lot. I think Napier is upset about his one as he was really high on Boone for a lot of reasons, and it is a shame to see it happen to the young man.

Most of the other stuff is the usual, with the defense being ahead of the offense at this point. WRs look encouraging, with Pearsall leading the way there. The two running backs, Johnson and Etienne…they are …way good. Certainly SEC caliber, and it depends on how the OL gels, but a nice duo in the backfield there.

Hope all is well in Ute land. Take care.


Sorry to hear about Boone. Hopefully he heals like Cam Rising has been healing. Not that it will help you to start the season, but gives you hope for late Spring and next year.

@Ma-ake and a couple others will have to apprise you of Ute camp. The PAC implosion has had most of our attention.


Injuries are unfortunate. Here’s to a good game in a few weeks!


Rowdy, thanks for the opposition update.

I hope the game has a similar tenor and outcome for the Utes this year as y"all had last year.


PFF had Boone as the #7 returning pass rusher in the SEC this year. It is a big loss for sure.


Yes it is. And uh, Go Gators! Not sure where we are going, but as long as we go.



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