FIVE free tickets to tomorrow's opener

Our daughter’s soccer game got moved to the same time as the game tomorrow, and we won’t be able to go. So I’ve got five tickets in the NEZ, Section 21, row 26, right off the concourse so no one sits behind you. They’re awesome seats, and are free to a good Utah home…on two conditions:

  1. If you claim them, you actually use them and don’t resell them. Because that would be a sh*tty thing to do.
  2. You make a donation - whatever works for you - to the UFN fund drive. Let’s help Rocker @ LA keep this place going.

I’m not going to require any confirmation of either of these things, but expect that my fellow Utah fans will do the right thing if they take these tickets. If not, karma will get ya. :slight_smile:

Shoot me a PM if you’re interested, I can transfer the tickets over electronically.

Giving this an afternoon bump, would love to find someone who could use these.

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No one? Take them and give them to relatives if you’d like.

I’d just hate for them to go to waste.

I would love to take them, but I’m in So. Cal sort of near the Fairview fire !

Good luck and stay safe!

Thanks !!

Trying to get my eldest to take them. Sent him the info, but he’s been busy today coaching for West @ Roy today, I suppose.

Found someone in FB to take them.

Have fun at the game all!

To the “I’m a huge Utah fan but have never been able to take my family to a game before” guy I gave my five tickets to, then saw him a couple hours later offering them up for sale (in the same FB group, no less), karma’s a b*itch dude.

And you suck.


What a flaming A-Hole!!