First RSL game since the Champions league near miss

Primarily because once Dell Loy Hansen had ANY part of the ownership I wanted nothing to do with it, and when he gained full ownership it felt like a loved one died. I refused to set foot in the stadium for ANY reason, to ensure the jackhole never saw a single cent from me.

Tonight was a weird bookend… I attended the first ever RSL home game against Colorado in 2005 at RES (same team as tonight), and while that one didnt go so well, this one was just amazing. Given my now known physical issues, I left my set to start moving to the exit area around 68’, after Colorado had broken the 2-2 tie at 56’. While I was standing their drinking a 16 dollar tallboy, I heard them score again, though I couldnt quite see the field (85’). I felt better about leaving not quite 5 mins later to head over to State street for an Uber. [even at 25 bucks, the incredible pain in feet, ankles, knees, legs… yeah Old age informs you bluntly that it doesnt care WHAT plans you had… so no return TRAX trip for me. If I average out the 1.25 trax fee with the uber it comes to about 16 either direction].

But while I was walking over to pickup spot I heard another roar, and ESPN conformed it at 4-3 at 88’ mark… I checked up on things about 5 mins before arriving at my apt, and Real had snuck in a 4th goal at 96 mins. HOLY HELL. Of course that all happened after I left the stands! :laughing: :joy:

Considering the team keeping itself at 1st place Western Conference for over a month or so, and pulling out THAT sort of win, I highly recommend folks try to make at least one game this year… the attendance is averaging right on 20k, something I could never have imagined back when I last went. THe south end zone unified supporters cabal and the singing, drumming, etc gave me a definite flash back to watching Maradona play for Napoli 87-91.

“Here at the RioT the battle hymn’s begun… We;re here for RSL!!”