First of November "Worst Coaching Performances" of 2023 (so far)

I want to see what you guys think because you’ll be shocked Deion doesn’t even make the top 5. Here is my list:

  1. Lincoln Riley (SC)- Preseason Top 6. Paid 11 million, but won’t win 10 games. Has the returning Heisman winner and a Top 8 Talent Composite Team (247sports). The guy has one post season win in his career.
  2. Dabo Swinney (Clemson)- Preseason Top 9. Paid 10.9 million but is only 1 game over .500 currently. Has a top 5 team talent composite.
  3. Jimbo Fisher (Texas A&M)- Preseason Top 25 (not sure why so Low). Paid 9.15 million, but only one game over .500. Has the #4 talent composite for 2023 season.
  4. Sonny Dykes (TCU)- Building off a National Title game appearance in preseason #17. Paid 5 million a year, but only has 4 wins (losing to Deion with a crap team at the start of the season) and his team’s got a talent composite of #19 and there is zero reason they only have 4 wins.
  5. Chip Kelly (UCLA)- In Preseason he was in receiving votes but not top 25 so this may be a reach. That said he make 6.2 million a year and so far he’s earned a million per win. What’s wild is he’s only at six wins with a Top 25 talent roster living in Southern California. I get this program doesn’t have the history of the prior four (including TCU) when it comes to Football but it shouldn’t be this hard to field a decent program in Westwood.

The Hot Seat exposes more coaches.

The fact that Lincoln, Chip, and Sonny aren’t getting much heat is wild to me. A total shambles of a coaching job by all three this season. For those wondering about Deion most did predict that getting to 6 wins was near impossible and they had the #35 talent composite team.

Given all the money U$C still has going to dead contracts, it is no surprise they are being patient with Riley. In short, they can’t afford ANOTHER buyout.

As long as Chip wins the Crosstown game, fUCLA is happy. The bar has been pretty low in Westwood for a while now. A winning season…a bowl game…and beating U$C and the season is a success. With the exception of beating U$C, the other goals are going to be a challenge in the new conference, so the hot seat might start warming up then.

Talent index aside, Sonny lost a lot of key talent to the draft and graduation from a one hit wonder team. He gets a pass for falling flat this season. Add to the fact TCU has a history of being patient with coaches (See Gary Patterson) and the alumni and administration are willing to write 2023 off. I don’t see the seat getting warm here until 2025. Then again, if the Utes come in and steamroll their way to the BIG 12 Championship and a trip to the CFP, the green eyed monster may kick in at a lot of programs in the conference not coached by Mike Gundy.

TAMU can’t afford the buyout for Jimbo in 2024. Dabo is an institution at Clemson with National Championship hardware - he will retire there.


Pretty sure that site just gave even my mobile browser cancer.

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LOL. Yeah, but it’s a pretty accurate site year after year.

I don’t disagree with what you say but with the $ these programs are spending to lose it will make some stupid Oil Man be willing to throw some cash down for a buyout.

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First of all, it’s another giggle that BYU’s situation doesn’t even hit the radar but it’s the absolute End of Times on CB, when the reality is almost nobody cares about them.

I watched most of the Oregon State - CU game, mostly to scout the Buffs for 3 weeks from now. The Beavs are a good team, but looking at NetBuffs, the Prime mania has definitely subsided. Not foaming-at-the-mouth angry, but some mild indigestion.

A lot of questioning about play calling late in the first half when they passed 3 times deep in their own territory down 7-3, giving Oregon State enough time to drive down for a late TD to be up 14-3 at the half. Even the sideline reporter asked Prime about that, he took responsibility and said it was bad.

[Important Note: He didn’t say anything like "I wanted to win by 9 not 2" - joke reference to former BYU coach Gary “Toast” Crowton who was ahead by 2 and called for a pass over the middle deep in his own territory with about a minute to go, resulting in a Pick-6 by Stanford who grabbed an unlikely win.]

I think compared to the way the season started, Deion is not having a lot of fun, obviously. They demoted their OC into a Co-OC situation with a former NFL coach, but still had the end of half head scratcher play calls. A lot of negative intensity on the Buff’s sideline. It looked like great weather in Boulder for November, but Deion looked like he was dressed to take on Mt Evans. (Seriously, the cold may be a real problem, with his health - no joking.)

Here was a weird post-game exchange: TV reporter asked Jonathan Smith about his pre-game observation that he didn’t think Deion knew who he was, to which Smith back-pedaled, smoothed things over, super-quick, like “that was supposed to be off the record!”.

But it does kind of seem like Deion is pre-occupied with how his own team is developing, doesn’t really spend many cycles on the opponent, zero coach speak about the other team, etc. He has Xs and Os people for game planning and play calling, but the bigger Coach Prime atmosphere does seem to eclipse otherwise routine niceties.

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Like Deion BYU was never a factor coming into the season. Unranked and when it comes to talent composite very much a non-factor top 30 wise. Buffs did end up with a 29th talent ranking but in the wrong spots to sustain success and BYU’s talent ranking is #66 behind East Carolina.

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USC has 1 win this year against teams above .500


Wait… That’s a fun stat. Didn’t even realize that.


Ma-ake: Send the video of CU’s signals to me so that I can pass them on. You did a great job with ASU’s signals.


I got bed bugs from that cheap no-tell motel in Longmont. Need better accommodations for the AZ game at Folsom.

No hostels, no more Frontier. I’m too old for that hippy schtick.


Don’t like, be a hater, man…