First Hendrix, then Tillman, now to school number 3!

Verbal commits posted earlier today that Chris Seeley is leaving Fresno State for Cal State Dominguez Hills. Hope these young men find the “fit” they are looking for, but more importantly, I hope they all leave college with a degree. Best of luck to them.

I have the impression that these guys have an “in the way rather than all in” approach to life, to turn a Whittingham favorite phrase around.


Somewhat related question. Matt Haarms is transferring to byu-provo. Now, I don’t care why he picked buy-p, but what I’m really curious about is why he left Purdue. Does anyone have any insight? I guess we are not the only ones who lose contributors to the portal.

Seeley is finding the basketball level where he can play. I don’t blame him for that and I also wish him luck and that he gets a degree.

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Why he went to BYU and why he left Purdue was intertwined - he felt Pope could help him get to the NBA and Purdue wasn’t going to do it as well after being there for a little while. Seems like it was up and down. A friend that went to Purdue thinks he is just looking for something new as he’s tapped what he can learn and prove at Purdue. So it came down to the coach, even with Kentucky in his top 3. At 7’3", he’s one of the tallest people out there. He’s pretty good but wants to contribute, not be a project.

With those three looking for their third school, I don’t see how anyone can blame LK for those transfers, those kids just can’t stick with a decision.


Appears all 3 might have been squeezed out by recruiting numbers &/or asked to leave.

Ok, so the question becomes, why did we recruit a guy who’s actual talent level is Cal State effing Dominguez Hills?


There are 13 scholarships. You take a chance on someoene, or you fill that last spot with someone you know will likely only contribute in practice. Every team has guys like that, and that’s not the type of transfer that should bother us. Losing starters - now that’s the type of transfer that should bother us.


Saw on the crawler on PAC12 network a few days ago that a UNLV men’s hoops player (forget the name but it wasn’t Tillman) is transferring to Oregon. So at least 2 Rebels players are transferring.

UNLV has had 4 guys exit via the portal this year.

Well, I think the context here is important. Chris came on board in summer of 2016 for the class of 2016. That was the first real offseason that was just crazy for Larry since his first year. (3 guys graduated, 1 early nba draft declaration (anticipated), 4 transfers).

Chris was a late pickup after Brekkott left unexpectedly. This was not a guy that the staff had been watching and developing a relationship with. This was a “Wow, this guy is athletic, 6’8, and recently eligible academically and looking for a place to play. Maybe we can develop him.” Turns out, he was more raw than anyone anticipated. For some guys, it just never clicks.