Finally Utah makes national news for something not silly

Kind of reminds me of the soda lawsuit(s) from a year or so ago

I actually have a little insight into this that isn’t discussed in that report. We are actually good friends with an owner of a number of the Crumbl Cookie franchises and this lawsuit revolves around something that happened with them. Supposedly, a relative met with them, went to their stores and learned how it all operated under the guise that he was going to buy a franchise. Then suddenly he pivoted and said he wasn’t interested and a few months later he opened up his own cookie business using their recipes and what not.

So… yeah on one level it is stupid, on another level this guy stole recipes and processes and replicated them. I’d sue, too.

May make for some uncomfortable Thanksgivings though.

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Indeed a bit worse of a transgression to copy a recipe, than to have a soft drink named dirty soda (in reference to the term dirty martini which been used for decades)

That’s fraud. There could be some other legal issues that dude may have to deal with.