Finally going to get some of y’all to be Alabama fans

Nope. All this means is that it is a “can’t lose” situation. Whoever loses that game…good.


You know BYU winning would be more the unbearable Situation. Alabama besting BYU means nothing to the fanbase.


how ‘not surprising’ is it to see the SEC trail the rest of the country in regards to college players safety. And then a couple of AD’s representing states where the number of COVID cases are continuing to rise should play one another (both states Alabama, Utah on the White House list of 18 red zone areas for Covid-19).

:face_with_monocle: brilliant!

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Many of us on here are old enough to still recall (and associate with) the old mantra:

I cheer for Utah, and anyone playing BYU.


Completely agree. It’s very dumb down here. I was just in Utah and it didn’t have the Social Distancing and masked up feel either.

I agree with the CIF postponing till December or January at the earliest. I am not in a hurry to see football if it means people are going to die. I do understand the concerns of towns like Tuscaloosa who’s 7 or 8 home games make their year (local business wise) in terms of sales.


I am this way with whoever plays In this order 1. Tennessee 2. Auburn 3. LSU 4. Ohio State 5. Notre Dame and 6. SC.

I figure BYU will be O-fer games with Alabama. As much as I’d like to think I’ve completely distanced myself from BYU, I can’t help but feel a bit of pleasure whenever they lose. It’s more due to their fanbase than the program anymore, with Bronco and Crowton gone. It was hard to dislike Edwards, he came across as a genuine person, and Sitake, he just isn’t as good as Edwards or Bronco. Bronco was/is weird, and fit in at Provo (seems to be ok at Chancellorsville though), and Crowton was just an ass.

But that BYU fanbase… so many of them are beyond Bronco weird.

I hope it is a shellacking to end all shellackings. I haven’t been to CB since I got banned but I’m sure there have been rumblings of their greatness, destiny, etc and I want them to be absolutely humiliated. I want them to question the existence of god and joy and all of those types of things. So that’s how I feel.


To both byu and Alabama (the ten hour mix):

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Fair enough. Honestly, I hate our fanbase now. Most of the people showing up to games were not there pre-Saban. I now limit myself to one game a year in person due to my disdain for the bandwagon and the absurd actions.

I like seeing them win a National Title but I really am hoping some of those Bandwagon people head over to Clemson.

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I’m just messing around. I don’t have any feelings for Bama either way.

I’m not though. Lol. Being closer to Nashville I make use of my Vanderbilt tickets more so. I also started visiting places I’ve never seen a game. Was going to Army Navy this year but that’s probably not happening.


The rumblings of greatness isn’t quite there yet but they are working up to it. Right now they are liking their odds because BYU is so great (ha) their first game and Bama is bound to be a bit rusty. Give it a couple of weeks and there will be bold predictions of championships and P5 invitations of their choosing.


ah, the eternal delusions of grandeur from BYU fans!!! Someday that bubble with finally burst, I hope.

You are talking about a fan base that thought we got lucky to win 54-10. There is no hope for them.


You’re probably right about just how delusional they are, but hope springs eternal for me in that they’ll get their comeuppance someday. It’d be ok by me if Alabama doubled that score, and halved the points allowed.

That’s the best line from any movie ever!

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They had the SEC Commish on Golic and Wingo this morning. They are not ready to consider a Conference Only format yet. Given all the cross-conference rivalry games the conference has with the ACC, they believe the two conferences will be able to develop a standardized safety and testing model that will provide a level of confidence to the Universities and their fans. They still want to play a 12-game schedule.

On a personal observation note, if the South doesn’t get its COVID-19 infection problem in check, there is no way this season plays out short of “Bubbling” the campuses in some way.

There is no reason to think in person will happen. To expect NFL to play is a stretch but they are compensated. There is zero reason for unpaid players to be out there. The NCAA won’t go against the P5 schools but shutting down the season for the fall is not a bad idea.

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