Finally AZ, Its about damn time!

Can’t believe they stood by him for as long as they did. Wonder if some interesting things are going to happen here in a bit.


Rumor is they are going to hire a Gonzaga assistant coach. Hope that works out as well for for them as it did for us.

The data is too small to be meaningful, but it does not support grabbing assistant coaches.

UNC promoted an assistant. That didn’t work out well for them last time.


Just saw that on BSPN. Love your title, I heartily agree.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Larry K read this report - I’m sure his was an interesting reaction.



I think you need a star coach to attract stars and at places like UNC, I get the desire to ‘keep it in the family’ but probably should have looked at some former assistants/players that now have head coaching experience and have made a name for themselves that kids will flock to. But, following the legacy of Roy is going to be hard for anyone, so maybe hiring his asst gives him a chance but is an intermediate move to get someone with a higher profile in 3-5 years if it doesn’t go well (read compete for ACC championships, beat Duke, make the tournament yearly …).


This is me RN.

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What good would it do to be a fly?
They can’t comprehend human emotions and they don’t live long enough to try.


Just read this comment on a Bruins forum and thought it was funny. haha. Of course, compare to UCLA, most schools’ admission rate, including that of Utah, is pretty high

“Musselman has also bounced around a lot and his current position and at Reno are and were short term to date. I’m wondering if he would want to move again, although the academics at Tucson Tech and Ark are probably similar in terms of admission.”

AZ defended Miller as long as he was running the elite program in the west.

Lately it seems they have been passed by Gonzaga, UCLA, and Oregon, so it was safe to fire him.


Tommy Lloyd. He’s been at Gonzaga 20 years. Lately, he’s been their #2 coach, and their international recruiter. No head coaching experience.

I’m surprised Josh Pastner hasn’t come up.

I cannot say that I wish UA well going forward, after the way they handled this. (And their fans are horrible.)


The same thing should happen to Enfield at USC----he was also paying players, But he was not stupid enough to get caught on tape talking about it.


i have to say. I read the headline and was hesitant to open this link

I saw a printed rumor that Mark Pope is among the candidates for the Arizona job. Seems kind of appropriate.


Pope & U of A are both greasier than a La Puente pork burrito.


Back to the future.


It’s official. Gonzaga assistant Tommy Lloyd to Arizona.

Am I the only one thinking that Lloyd is an underwhelming choice for AZ? He may be great but for a college basketball blueblood to take a flyer on an assistant with no prior head coaching experience. What’s going on here?

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I kind of thought the same thing. You would have thought they could have gotten a head coach from a P5, like Penn State or a good mid-major like Dayton.

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