Final AP Ranking

So Utah ended up #16 in final AP Poll - AP Top 25 Poll. Seeing how LSU took care of Clemson last night makes the Alamo Bowl loss slightly less painful, as the Horns only lost to them by one score.

Somewhere in LA, Trojanfan is totally hating on the fact they had “Farmer Fred”, eeeerrrr, Coach O in their back pocket and they sent him packing.

Their loss…the PAC 12 South’s gain.



It’s nice to see Air Force and Navy in the final poll at the same time. That’s never happened, and you have to go back to 1958 to find 2 service academies ranked in the final poll(3Army/6Air Force)

Losing to Texas by 4 TDs will always be a bad memory for me. Nothing against the LongHorns who fully deserved that victory, but we played as far below our abilities in that game as any game in quite a long time.