FBS Bowl Season Thoughts…

So far, the only bowl game where there was any meaningful attendance so far has been the Cricket Celebrations Bowl between Jackson State and South Carolina State, two HBCU schools. Everything else…you can hear a rat pissing on a cotton ball because there is no one there.

I’m starting to think there are way too many meaningless bowl games,

44 or so bowls this year, 88 teams playing. There are what, approximately 130 FBS teams? So, almost 3/4 make a bowl? Pretty sure we all remember when there were 20 bowls, and getting to one was special. I remember how excited we were as fans when McBride got his first bowl team to a bowl. Now? Just about any team, except for the worst of the worst, can expect to make a bowl.

So, yeah, there are too many meaningless bowls.


Technically one meaningless bowl is too many. But you make a good point, they need to pare it down. But they won’t as long as they’re making money.



I blame Oprah. :wink:

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Flipped on the BYU game and there is maybe 1000 people there. I get what you’re saying @Carolina_Cycling_Ute


I’ve surfed through all the games so far. Only the one bowl I noted earlier had any sort of crowd, and it had a crowd.

Yeah. Celebration bowl was sold out.

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Unfortunately, was only able to see the last couple of minutes of the Independence Bowl, but based on reactions, it was far from a meaningless game for the players. These bowls are a great end of year reward for these student athletes. Even the ”meaningless” bowls have some meaning.


It looks like the entire town of Logan turned out for the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl…all 4000 of them.

Backup QB comes in, and on his first pass of the season, throws a 62 yard touchdown.