Favorite breakfast cereals

I think we are due for a non-controversial general interest topic. (Although we need to be careful–Rocker can get very feisty about the supremacy of Captain Crunch.)

I have several favorites. Here are two of them:

First, a very easy and quick option. Just add milk/yogurt/almond milk and the sliced fruit of your choice:

And this is one for winter time. I prefer the longer-cooking version but usually don’t want to spend the time, so I eat these:

Wheaties is the best cereal out there. I wish it were on sale more often. I can’t afford $4 for a box when Corn Flakes are $1.50.

I’m digging various overnight oats combinations lately.

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Raisin Bran all the way. Maybe some soggy Frosted Mini Wheats.

Crunch Berries! but the boss won’t allow them


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I used to love Frosted Mini-Wheats. Now my go-to is Steel Cut Oat Meal with Kale, Nutritional Yeast, and Hot Sauce. Sometimes I may add Mushrooms or Sun-Dried tomatoes.

I haven’t eaten breakfast cereal in years but I used to love Golden Grahams and Cracklin Oat Bran.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch

End of discussion


When you say Golden Grahams I heard Golden Puffs and immediately thought of how they change your pee to a very potent smell. ugh.



Homey don’t get to do breakfast during the week. If he does, it’s a donut and a cappuccino. Usually it’s a cappuccino or a cup of coffee.

This might explain why Homey don’t play dat.


I’ve been eating Raisin Bran almost daily for about a year. I get into a habit and it takes me a long time to switch. I’m now transitioning to Kashi and steel cut oats for the winter. But sometimes I eat Raisin Bran for a snack.

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I should have remembered that this subject triggers you. Sorry, everyone. Give this guy a lot of space for the next 5-6 hours.

Whereas Golden Grahams make your pee smell amazing - according to the packaging.


Actually thinking Cracklin Oat Bran now reminds me of being a very hungry teenager and taking a box and eating the whole thing. My mom about came unglued, “That is $4 a box!” So… that is how you trigger your mom as a teenager.

Grape Nuts, until I broke a tooth eating them the other day. Here comes another crown.

I love Grape-Nuts and used to eat them daily (they’re really good in the winter, heated up in the microwave). I stopped because they’re loaded with calories. I plan to return to eating them after I lose my COVID-19 10 pounds.

Cap’n Crunch was my favorite as a kid.

Wheaties is the best now.

What I mostly eat is my second favorite, Frosted Mini Wheats.

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Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch

I prefer hamsteak and eggs with hashbrowns. Not really a cereal kind of old fart.